Cafepress CEO Bob Marino offers Great Opportunity for Designers

A Call Out to Designers for Cafepress CEO Custom Business Cards

Perks and contests for designers are always fun – and the opportunity to show off your work is a great motivator for a designer – such is the case when Bob Marino CEO of Cafepress  called out to the artists and designers from Cafepress to design a business card for him –

On July 12 2013 – he simply posted on Facebook – I don’t have any perks. Some CEO’s get a car or club membership; I have none of that. I would like one self-indulgent thing. I want custom business cards. If someone is willing to help me here is the deal: You design me a business card and on the back of it you design something that describes you or your design or your motivation. As I hand them out for shameless self-promotion you get promotion as well. For my side of the card, please leave room for an address, an email, a phone number and my name. You may change the CP logo anyway you like. I get to choose the best one to three submissions if we have any ;(.

For further clarification, he also stated the following:

I want this to be creative so letting you decide what and how to use the back. In my minds eye the side with my info is a work of art. You decide where the contact info should go. Your side should include at least a link to your art but otherwise its up to you to determine what you want on your side of the card.

No other hints, suggestion, ideas or requirements were asked – it was wide open (which really  made it difficult to figure out what  he would want ) –  Submissions were accepted for two weeks  (plus a couple days) and this morning the results were in –

Bob chose 3 designs for his business cards-  I can only imagine the talent and designs  that were submitted – I have no idea how many  submissions there were but I know the work of some of the artists who responded to the post on Facebook – and I am in awe of their work.

These are the three winning designs and the artist who submitted them :

PinkInkArt's Black

PinkInkArt’s Black


Chalkboard Simplicity goatlady

Chalkboard Simplicity goatlady


Brian Gryphon's Taro Foliage

Brian Gryphon’s Taro Foliage

Congratulations to the winners ! And looking forward to this type of perk  for future opportunities from the executive team at Cafepress !


NOTE:  To those who know me.. yes the middle design is mine and I am absolutely honored to have been one of the three chosen – I submitted 4 designs, here are all four of my submissions:  (I have NO Idea Why he chose the blackboard design – I personally liked  the others much better  )

Bizcard Designs submitted for Bob Marino CEO Cafepress

goatlady Designs submitted for Bob Marino CEO Cafepress


  Cafepress CEO Bob Marino offers Fresh Opportunity for Designers