Trump for President Neckties

TRUMP for President Neckties

OK so it’s not quite the Donald Trump Collection Ties BUT they ARE the neckties to wear to support your favorite  Trump for President at the office meetings!

TRUMP 2016 Funny Hair CHANGE the Background Color Here is showing black but you can change to any color you like

Will Hillary go to Jail?

“And Mrs. Clinton could face up to three years in prison per message if she is found to have broken her word and handled classified information on the secret account, one open records expert told The Washington Times.”

ANTI Hillary Not Above the Law T-shirts
ANTI Hillary Not Above the Law T-shirts by UTeezSF
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“With Clinton’s server and thumb drive now in the possession of the FBI, questions about whether classification markings were tampered with are just part of the puzzle — and only one factor that is complicating Clinton’s frontrunning bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.”