Sip and See Baby Party Invitations

Don’t care to have a Traditional Baby Shower?

Not Everyone has a Baby Shower – Some moms these days would rather have a Sip and See Party where the baby is present along with the parents or just moms, depending on how you want to throw it.
At a Baby Sip and See, the mom or parents have control over what happens at the party, how it looks, how long people stay; everything is up to them. And it doesn’t have to be traditional or decorated in pink and blue — it can be creative and suited to your tastes.

Chalkboard  Vintage Styles seem to be very popular right now

Art Deco is also a popular choice for Baby Showers of all  styles

While baby showers are often only given in anticipation of a first child, a Sip and See can introduce a second, third or forth baby! It’s also an easy way for the dads to get involved.
Afternoon Sip and See Parties can be cocktails and snacks

or a Nostalgic Style Tea Time Sip and See. Usually Sip and See baby Parties are given when the new baby is a couple months old, but can be at any infant age.