Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract Home Decor

contemp Olive and tomato uzbeck

Olive Green And Tomato Red Contemporary

Trendy Collection  Home Decor  for the Bath & Bed

Bath Set

Uzbek Olive Green And Tomato Red Shower Curtain

Uzbek Olive Green And Tomato Red Shower Curtain

Uzbek Olive Green And Tomato Red Night Light

Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract Burlap Throw Pillow

Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract Burlap Throw Pillow

Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract  Wall Clock

Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract Wall Clock
Uzbek Olive Green And Tomato Red Round Pouf

Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract King Duvet

Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract King Duvet

Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract Curtains

Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract CurtainsSee More  Uzbeck Olive and Tomato Abstract  Home Decor Products

Hump Day Hilarious Camel

Hump day = Wednesday = Middle of the Work Week =A Camel’s Favorite Day
We have the most popular Happy Humpday merchandise-

Uh OH what Day is IT?

If you have not yet seen the most lovable camel in the world- Check him out:

Humpday Camel Pillow

This Humpday Camel design is front and back where products allow – shown above are the throw pillows- also available on tees, towels, and other merchandise.

UTeezSF Creates designs for Shops in Two different venues – Cafepress and Zazzle –

WHY ? because each company offers diverse products and we want to make sure you  are offered a variety of products with  our most popular designs! Find Our favorite Hump Day Camel at our Zazzle shop Here and at our Cafepress Shop Here


uHOH- What Day is IT?

UhOH- What Day is IT?

Hump Day Camel Tshirt
Hump Day Camel Tshirt by GetYerGoat
See other Hump day camel T-Shirts at zazzle
Hump Day Camel Tshirt
Hump Day Camel Tshirt by UTeezSF
See other Hump day camel T-Shirts at zazzle

Happier than a Camel on HumpDay – What DAY it IS!

Zazzle Case from ShopTeez: Abstract Fractal Smoke

Abstract Fractal Smoke

Sunset colors pinks, oranges and a hint of yellow in this abstract fractal smoke design

Case-Mate iPhone 5 Barely There Universal Case

Protect your iPhone 5 with a customizable Barely There Case-Mate brand case from Zazzle. This form-fitting case covers the back and corners of your iPhone 5 with an impact resistant, flexible plastic shell, while still providing access to all ports and buttons. Designed for the iPhone 5, this sleek and lightweight case is the perfect way to show off your custom style.

  • Durable & lightweight hard plastic case.
  • Designed for the Apple iPhone 5 (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint models).
  • Printed in the USA.

Also available on Galaxy S3 Covers ~ HTC Vivid Cases ~ Galaxy Nexus Cover ~ Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ Samsung Galaxy S3

Tough iPhone 3 Case ~ iPhone 3 Case-Mate Cases ~ iPhone 4/4S Cover ~ iPhone 4 Case-Mate Case ~ iPod Touch Case ~ Blackberry Bold Cases and More Merchandise

American MoJo Pillows at Zazzle


Zazzle and American MoJo Launch Custom Homeware Line, Announces American

Manufacturing With a Social Impact

A Solution to Support Women and Children in Poverty

To help solve this problem and increase manufacturing jobs in America, Zazzle launched a partnership with American MoJo to help the Massachusetts-based social venture advance its mission to end the cycle of poverty for financially stricken families. Together, Zazzle and MoJo will create sustainable employment opportunities for single mothers at MoJo’s manufacturing facilities.

Starting today, Zazzle customers can support this mission by designing and purchasing MoJo’s line of handmade products: the highest quality, fully customizable homeware products, including custom pillows, custom placemats, custom napkins and custom kitchen towels, with additional products to launch in the coming months. All products are printed on top quality, 100-percent cotton fabric. MoJo employees hand-finish all products, including cutting, sewing and shipping the products to customers nationwide.

Liberty Bottleworks and Zazzle have Partnered

Custom designer Liberty bottles at Zazzle

UTeezSF Features Designer Liberty

Reusable Bottles


Designer Liberty aluminum water bottles NOW at Zazzle!  We have been busy creating a collection of these awesome water bottles.. rolled out from the Zazzle work benches on Jan 19,2012, these are THE Green living bottle to own.  Who is Liberty Bottleworks? American made in America! WOW you don’t see that very often.

The ONLY American made metal bottle in the marketplace.

Recycled and Recyclable. Liberty Bottles are the ONLY bottle to be made from recycled materials.

Deep Drawn Aluminum Construction. Less dents, greater durability, and precision construction.

Drink Confidently. Flexible Food Grade Coatings insure no chips or flakes end up in your water. Unlike uncoated metal bottles, our coating insures no heavy metal leaching or porous surface for bacteria build up.

Simple 1/4 turn on/off design (patent pending). No more turning and turning.

Splash free drinking. The gradually tapered neck mimics the smooth pour of a wine bottle.

These are the Three bottles I have  been awarded Today’s Best Award (TBA’s) from Zazzle  – Thank you Zazzle




I am having a Ball designing these  awesome bottles, Please come and take a look at what I have  so far..I will be making many many more so Please bookmark the  page  🙂

and Thank you  for looking!   *Many of my Liberty reusable bottles match my Kitchen gifts  and or my Rickshaw Messenger bags and sleeves

UTeezSF Liberty Bottles

And read this  article all about Liberty Bottleworks and how they started and what they do.. Very impressive!

The Ripple Effect: Liberty Bottleworks

Rickshaw Zero Messenger Bags and Rickshaw Sleeves at Zazzle-NEW for 2012

From Fun to Fabulous! We are Proud to present our latest products- Rickshaw Bagworks and Zazzle have teamed up.. and we at UTeezSF and Rickshaw Collections are bringing you the latest in trendy, fun and funky designs for your personal computers and folios.  As you know, Rickshaw Bagworks located in San Francisco is the up and coming creator of custom designed messenger bags, iPad sleeves, Mac Pro sleeves and folio smartphone or moleskin journals.

In Their words :“Rickshaw is a new San Francisco-based bag company. Inspired by the creative energy of our city, urban cycling and an intense desire to make great products, we started Rickshaw to satisfy our own personal passion for bags. We know how people love their bags. We think it’s cool–if not kind of weird–the way people grow attached to their favorite bag as though it were a pet or loved–one.”

For the Musician or Music Lover/Student/Teacher we have music Rickshaws –

Fantasy Piano:
Surreal Piano   Rickshaw Messenger rickshawmessengerbagSurreal Piano Music  Rickshaw Flap Sleeve rickshawflapsleeveSurreal Piano Music  Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveSurreal Piano Music Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolio

Fantasy Drum Set:
Surreal Drums Music Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolioSurreal Drums Music Music  Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveSurreal Drums Music Music   Rickshaw Flap Sl rickshawflapsleeveSurreal Drums Music Rickshaw Messenger bag rickshawmessengerbag
Fantasy Saxophone:
Surreal Saxophone Music   Rickshaw Flap Sl rickshawflapsleeveSurreal Saxophone  Rickshaw Messeng rickshawmessengerbagSurreal Saxophone Music  Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveSurreal Saxophone Music Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolio
Surreal Fantasy Trio  of Instruments- Violin, Guitar and Sax:
Surreal Violin Guitar Sax Music Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolioSurreal Violin Guitar Sax Music  Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveSurreal Violin Guitar Sax Music   Rickshaw Flap Sl rickshawflapsleeveSurreal Violin Guitar Sax  Rickshaw Messeng rickshawmessengerbag

Surreal Fantasy Silver Trumpets:

Surreal Silver Trumpets Music   Rickshaw Flap Sl rickshawflapsleeveSurreal Silver Trumpets Music  Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveSurreal Silver Trumpets Music  Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolioSurreal Silver Trumpets Rickshaw Messenger bag rickshawmessengerbag

Fantasy Classic Violin:

Surreal Violin Music  Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveSurreal Violin Music   Rickshaw Flap Sleeve rickshawflapsleeveSurreal Violin   Rickshaw Messeng rickshawmessengerbagSurreal Violin Music Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolio

Here we have Pink Jeweled Monogrammed Hearts for your Sweetheart:
(Great for Valentine’s Day)

Monogram Jeweled Valentine Hearts Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveMonogram Jeweled Valentine Hearts Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolioMonogram Jeweled Valentine Hearts Rickshaw Flap Sl rickshawflapsleeveMonogram Jeweled Valentine Hearts Rickshaw Messeng rickshawmessengerbag

Exotic Egyptian Stylized Horses – Very Trendy

Stylized Arabian Horses Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolioStylized Arabian Horses Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveStylized Arabian Horses  Rickshaw Flap Sl rickshawflapsleeveStylized Arabian Horses Rickshaw Messenger bag rickshawmessengerbag

Egyptian Peacock Colors Princess – Colorful And Trendy

Egyptian Peacock Princess Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolioEgyptian Peacock Princess  Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveEgyptian Peacock Princess Rickshaw Flap Sleeve rickshawflapsleeveEgyptian Peacock Princess Rickshaw Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbag

Funky Sunflower Watercolor Art

Retro Sunflower Garden Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolioRetro Sunflower Garden Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveRetro Sunflower Garden  Rickshaw Flap Sleeve rickshawflapsleeveRetro Sunflower Garden Rickshaw Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbag

Vintage Watercolor Floral Art on a Vintage Background- Trendy and Funky

Vintage Watercolour Flowers Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveVintage Watercolour Flowers Rickshaw Flap Sleeve rickshawflapsleeveVintage Watercolour Flowers Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolioVintage Watercolor Flowers Rickshaw Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbag

The Fantasy Realm with StoryBook Where Everyone Has Their Fantasy

Fantasy Book Rickshaw Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbagFantasy Book Rickshaw Flap Sleeve rickshawflapsleeveFantasy Book  Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveFantasy Book Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolio

Seriously? How could we NOT have Yellow Rubber Ducks? With a bit of a Twist-

Yellow Rubber Ducks Rickshaw Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbagYellow Rubber Ducks Rickshaw Flap Sleeve rickshawflapsleeveIndividuality Yellow Rubber Ducks Rickshaw Sleeve rickshawsleeveIndividuality Yellow Rubber Ducks Rickshaw Folio rickshawfolio

We invite you to bookmark our Shops UTeezSF and Rickshaw Collections for New Rickshaw designs added on a regular basis.  If you have a request, Please let us know.

Just in time for that unique Valentine’s Day Gift.

UTeezSF Doodle Speakers at Zazzle $5 OFF your first speaker order!

New Product – Custom Speakers!

$5 OFF your first speaker order!


Ends Wednesday

UTeezSF’s Mailbox and Letter Doodle speaker was chosen for Today’s Best design for May 21,2011 -Thank you Zazzle!

Mailbox and Letters Doodle doodle
Mailbox and Letters Doodle by UTeezSF
View more UTeezSF Doodle Speakers
UTeezSF offers over Speaker 250 designs

Enter code:

at checkout in the “Zazzle Coupons/Gift Certificates” box

$5 of the Doodle Speaker net sale price will be deducted when one or more qualifying Doodle Speakers are purchased and the coupon code DOODLEZAZZLE is applied at checkout. The net sale price is the price of the product (excluding shipping and taxes). Offer is valid through May 30, 2011 11:59pm PT. This offer does not apply to past purchases and may not be combined with any other Zazzle promotional or volume discount offers. If a volume discount applies to your order, you will receive either the discount set forth in this offer or the standard volume discount, whichever is greater.

Offer valid on only.

Sneak Peek OrigAudio Doodle Speakers Designed by UTeezSF at Zazzle!

Doodle Speakers!

Coming May 20 2011

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank! The first ever portable speaker with custom artwork.   UTeezSF custom designs for your iPod, laptop, iPhone, cell phone, MP3 or any other device for instant sound. The Ultimate portable speaker The Doodle Speaker by OrigAudio. We offer awesome designs for Retro, Urban Grunge , Music ,Fantasy Art, Sports, Nature plus more.
We even have some templates where you can add you own text and photos. We hope you have as much fun choosing just the right Doodle Speaker for you and your friends as we had designing them!

We have over 200 Awesome designs for our Doodle Speakers

UTeezSF Doodle Speaker Sneak Peek!

Lightweight and Easy to carry..
Depth: 7/8 inches

Width: 2.5 inches

Length: 4.5 (1/16)
Weight: 9.6 ounces
Power: 2 AAA batteries or a USB cord (included)
Works with ANY standard 3.5 mm. headphone jack audio product.
The OrigAudio Doodle speaker designed by UTeezSF is a light and durable hard-plastic speaker with a vibrantly printed fabric face cover and kickstand for easy propping.
Get a traveling speaker system from Zazzle

San Francisco Postcards at Zazzle

San Francisco is a popular international tourist destination,renowned for its chilly summer fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture and its famous landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and Chinatown

San Francisco Postcard postcardSan Francisco Postcard postcardSan Francisco Postcard postcardSan Francisco Postcard postcardSan Francisco Postcard postcardSan Francisco Postcard postcardSan Francisco Postcard postcardSan Francisco Postcard postcardSan Francisco Postcard postcardSan Francisco Postcard postcard

Quantity Discount

8 – 24 postcards
$0.12 off
25 – 49 postcards
$0.20 off
50 – 99 postcards
$0.25 off
100 – 249 postcards
$0.30 off
250+ postcards
$0.35 off

You don’t have to buy multiples of the same postcard to receive a quantity discount. You’ll receive a quantity discount on any order of 8 or more postcards!

More San Francisco Postcards

Funny Menopause Shirt by UTeezSF at Zazzle

Every woman needs a funny shirt when she is in menopause and this one is perfect.. what lady would not relate to this?

This is my Last Nerve and You’re on it.. Funny attitude menopause humor on gifts for those of us who are going through the change of life, feeling your hot flashes? Well this could be the perfect gift for you. Great funny PMS gifts for the bitchy.

A little FAQ on Menopause:

Lack of hormones in a woman can affect neurotransmitters in the brain, and so not only can your wife or partner suffer with physical changes during the menopause, but psychological ones too. Which of these is a psychological symptom of the menopause?

Many women suffer with mental health issues during the menopause. I’m not saying that we are going mad and neither will the issues be long term. Lack of the hormone estrogen affects the functionality of the brain and having a healthy memory. Other psychological issues you may come across are listed below. Anxiety Irritability Mood swings Difficulty concentrating Disorientation Mental confusion Memory lapses.

Quiz: The Menopause Guide  for Men


Chill Pill Funny PMS

Funny PMS Apparel

Funny menopause shirts and gifts, hot flashes, attitude, bitchiness and hormonal humor. Funny attitude menopause humor on gifts for those of us who are going through the change of life, feeling your hot flashes? Well this could be the perfect gift for you. Great funny PMS gifts for the bitchy.